"The challenge is to discover that unique bass groove that compliments the songwriters vision, and will create lasting mojo.  I want to catch the attention of listeners, and at the same time not distract from the flow and essence of a song. There is nothing more gratifying than discovering a musical pathway that leads to a memorable bass line. Creating an enduring bass part is like hearing a song within a song.” 

I met Anthony Cook several years ago while I was on staff at No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music. He played bass for The Skylarks, a band whose self-titled album checked off all the boxes for a great Americana project that I ultimately spotlighted in my weekly column. 
Throughout the years Anthony has become a virtual online friend, and we’ve shared endless conversations about our musical interests, as well as the other work he’s involved with as a seasoned journeyman bass player and producer. 
As you can see for yourself as you navigate his website, Anthony’s strong suit is the ability to ‘bring the mojo’ to a wide range of collaborative work that goes far beyond the Americana and roots realm. He’s a seasoned professional who adds his magic dust to any genre of music that lands on his doorstep, whether onstage or in the studio. 
Ed Maxin
Music Journalist 

The Black Tongued Bells

Jukin’ Joint Live at Interstellar Studio, Upland CA