Described as a compelling bassist with a unique and expressive signature sound. Deeply rooted in a variety of music genres with over 30 years in the music business. Anthony has played bass for several bands and artists in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Anthony’s professional affiliations include: (ASCAP)

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a personal publication in the National Library of Poetry, Americana Music Association,;

International Blues Foundation, Los Angeles Blues Society

Anthony Cook has been defined as a bassist who can play in any genre and in any setting. He allows each song to breathe by providing space, and knows when to provide defined movement to propel songs to a higher level. Fellow musicians have stated that the bass-lines Anthony creates are like a song within a song!

In Anthony’s own words, “ I love the musical interaction between each musician. To me, it is always about the song, and the intent of the songwriter.

To empower other musicians, and to make the overall music sound good is always my priority.

The music will guide me in the right direction. I try to trust my instincts and play with creativity and intention.

I like to follow the mind set of TAOISM … Find your own pathway in both, work and play. Along the way, empower others by treating them with dignity, worth, and respect. Bring goodwill to every setting and be prepared in every way.

It should always be about enjoying the music journey and the camaraderie between musicians.”